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He'd scraped the remnants of J's load from his face as best he could, and it still clung to him, thick on his palms, his knuckles, his fingertips."You throw that on my floor and you lick it up while...The gay erotic stories can be very descriptive and leaning towards hardcore, so be warned!Al wanted to add a friend to our sex life and I was game.His dad was simply too old for my taste but Samuel rang every bell in my body, and...

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His whole body was hard and tight, fighting the need to plunge in and ride me strong and hard.

He was a year older than me and never even acknowledged my existence.

After this family moved into the neighbourhood, seventeen-year-old Samuel and his hunky father were always busy in their garage fixing vehicles.

Prior to that occasion, I do not believe that the thought that I might enjoy sex with other men, had ever entered my mind.

I was not repulsed by the idea - it's just that the idea had never even been contemplated. Read On Added: | Category: Gay Male | Avg Score: 4.43 | Words: 2,862 | Tags: exhibitionism cmnm bdsm submission fetish gay group sex | 2 Comments It is really strange how a chance meeting can lead to a life-changing experience…

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